St. Stephen's Church, Tonbridge
with St. Eanswythe's Mission
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Thy Kingdom Come

From 8:00pm on Thursday 10th May to 8:00pm on Sunday 20th May we are joining with churches around the world to pray for our friends, families and our local community. Here's how you can get involved:


Launch Service

There will be a service at the start of the days of prayer at 8:00pm on Thursday 10th May at St Peter and St Paul’s, Church Lane, Tonbridge. All are welcome to go along.


Pray anywhere

You can pray at home, at work, or anywhere that is convenient for you. We have loads of resources to help you. This includes if you are praying on your own, as part of a group, with children, etc. These are available for free at St Stephen's.

We would love to have people praying at as many different times as possible throughout the 10 days of prayer. Please sign up now to let us know when you’ll be praying.


Visit the prayer space

If you want to come to St Stephen’s to pray, we are converting our Prayer Chapel into a prayer space with lots of interactive things to see and do. This will run from Sunday 13th to Sunday 20th (specific times available soon). Please feel free to drop in to pray whenever you are able.



Could you try fasting for a day? This might be food, but you could fast television, social media, coffee, etc (please only fast food if it is safe and wise for you to do so).


Prayer Walks

As so much of the Thy Kingdom Come prayer days will be about praying for our local community we are organising a number of walks around the local area where we’ll be praying as we walk, as well as stopping to pray at locations along the way. If you would like to take part we will have walks at 2pm on 10th May, 10am on 11th May, 2pm on 14th May and 10am on 16th May. The routes we are walking will be on the resources table if you would like to walk at a different time, or organise a walk of your own.


Worship Hour

On the evening of Wednesday 16th May we will have an hour of worship lead by Martyn and Jenny Burt.


Evening Service

Our 6:30pm service on Sunday 20th May will also mark the end of the Thy Kingdom Come days of prayer.