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Conditions of Hire of a room in the Community Centre

Conditions of Use

St Stephen’s Parochial Church Council are responsible for the Community Centre and reserve the right to cancel any booking on the giving of reasonable notice.

We have a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy in the Centre - anyone wishing to smoke should go out to the courtyard or pavement.

For health and safety: ensure on entry that the lounge door to the pavement and gate padlock are unlocked as these are fire exits; there is a first aid kit and accident book in the kitchen (please inform the office of any kit used so it may be replaced).

Please note:

· The key must be collected from, and returned to, the office during office hours—9am-1pm Monday to Friday

· Use only those halls you have booked and paid for

· Do not use the halls for bingo or other forms of gambling or for Hallowe’en parties, clairvoyance etc.

· Do not sell alcohol on the premises. 

· Check copyright regulations before showing any slides, film shows or videos, and ensure you have a license from the appropriate local authority for any performances of music, dancing or stage plays.

· Ball games can only be played in the middle hall, i.e. The Games Hall (using light plastic or foam balls).

· The use of roller skates, roller blades or skateboards is not permitted.

· Please do not stick any pictures, notices etc. on the walls without prior permission.

· Please do not wear shoes that mark the floor, especially when playing sports.

Please check before you leave that:

· All furniture, equipment, crockery or cutlery you have used or moved has been returned to where you found them (stacking chairs as indicated).

· Any urns or kettles used have been completely emptied (this prevents the build up of limescale).

· All lights and taps are turned off and that the toilets are presentable.

· The halls used are clean and tidy (there is a vacuum cleaner under the stairs in the lobby for your use and an extension lead).

· All rubbish is taken away with you (a black bag is provided for your convenience).

Please report all breakages or any problems with the buildings to the church office (01732 771977).  Lost Property will be retained in the office for 4 weeks.

A retention of £50 is required when booking, which will be refunded provided the premises are left clean and in good order.  The hirer will be required to pay for any damage or extra cleaning that may be necessary.

The PCC shall not be responsible for any loss or

damage to any property arising out of the use of the Community Centre, nor for any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by people on the premises during the period of use, arising from any cause whatsoever, or for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity or gas, leakage of water, fire, Government restriction or Act of God, which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the period of use to be interrupted or cancelled.  The user shall indemnity the PCC against any claim which may arise out of the use or which may be made by any persons on the premises during the period of use in respect of any such loss, damage or injury.

All users are strongly advised to ensure that they have public liability insurance protecting their interests should they be found legally liable for:

· Accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage sustained by persons attending the function.

· Accidental damage to property belonging to the church.




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