St. Stephen's Church, Tonbridge
with St. Eanswythe's Mission
Powered by the presence of God, shaped for the purposes of God


Here you will find our weekly news sheets (News and Notes) and also our monthly newsletter (Encompass).

News and Notes

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Why the name Encompass?

• EN – compass: the prefix has the sense of ‘into, inside’, and the raison d’etre of this newsletter is that it is for the church. People comment they do not know what is going on or who someone is, and this will always be an issue for a larger church. I hope that Encompass will be another aid to communication with news, articles, stories, testimonies, and each month we hope to introduce you to someone else within St. Stephen’s.

• en-COMPASS: a compass gives direction. I hope that Encompass will be a format through which we can share vision and direction, but also that it will point us to God as it challenges us, makes us think and bears testimony to what God is doing in people’s lives and the life of the church. The compass also picks up the nautical theme of the sailing ship that is at the heart of our vision –to be powered by the presence of God and shaped for the purposes of God.

• ENCOMPASS: the dictionary defines Encompass as “to include entirely or comprehensively”. I hope that Encompass will be a forum that helps build community, that helps people feel included, and that reaches out across our different congregations and to all ages. Articles will be short and snappy, but hopefully thought provoking and interesting. Encompass will be produced monthly, and will be handed out free to everyone at church. This is not to say that we are ignoring the community, rather that to share what is going on at St. Stephen’s more widely needs a separate magazine specifically aimed at the community.

So here it is. Our new newsletter, aimed at the church, for the church, to build communication and fellowship within the church. I hope you like it. Articles, news, testimonies don’t just happen, they need you to write them. So to a large extent how good this newsletter is depends on you getting involved. To contribute an article or make a comment to the editors please use 
this link. The editor of this publication is Natalie Holloway.


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